White Ladies

White Ladies – an impressive family home with heart.

When designers Heather and Syd Abbott – who together run Hanna B Designs – took on a prestigious detached property in Beaconsfield; they wanted to create a family home with a heart.

The stand out feature of the impressive property, White Ladies, is the 1,400 sq ft family space; which combines an opulent monolithic style kitchen/breakfast room with a cosy family space and stunning conservatory.

The kitchen space is focused around an impressive 6 metre breakfast bar, topped with Lapitec, a new hard surface sintered stone material which combines a sleek and luxurious finish with many clever functional properties. The breakfast bar worktop is Bianco Polare from Lapitec’s Vesuvio range.

Heather Abbott had first heard about Lapitec when visiting The Marble & Granite Centre in West Hyde, Rickmansworth. As the UK’s official Lapitec distributor, The Marble & Granite Centre was able to talk Heather through Lapitec’s unique features – the product is impervious, heat resistant and scratch free, and combines a cutting edge look with the practicality needed in a family kitchen.

“Lapitec was new to the UK market when we used it at White Ladies", recalls Heather, “although it had already come highly recommended from one of our partners, Garry Brown at Chiltern Kitchens. For us it completely fitted the bill in terms of giving the kitchen a very fresh new look, and we fell in love with the wide range of Lapitec colours and textures on offer.”

“We’d love to work with Lapitec again", Syd Abbott added. “What we’ve learned from the White Ladies project is that with Lapitec you can be as adventurous and imaginative as you like. By using Lapitec we can create a really distinctive and unique space; and we’re keen to think beyond kitchens and feature it in a bathroom, fireplace or perhaps even exterior cladding.”

Project Name: White Ladies

Lapitec Approved Fabricator: Hearne Marble & Granite Ltd.

Location: Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire

Date of completion: June 2014

Material: Bianco Polare, Vesuvio

Client: Hanna B Designs